Are your Operations an asset or liability to the bottom-line results?

Today’s market environment is forcing every CEO to demand strong process discipline and rigorous strategic execution to deliver profit, growth and long term staying power. Operations excellence is a key differentiator and strategic advantage that vaults your business ahead of the competition by maximizing the effectiveness of your resources.


Delivering oustanding business performance through operations excellence.

Our expert team combines industry and functional knowledge with a mix of strategic focus, organization effectiveness and process expertise to drive alignment and accountability throughout your business. Out of the box thinking, efficient implementation, and measurable results are the keys to success. Let us show you how to create a strategic advantage and increased bottom line value from your operations.


“OPxcel’s expertise has given us the tools, structure and discipline to help us survive this recession.”
Joe Bohm, President & CEO – Horizon Builders


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Our experts work with Business Owners, CEO’s and Executive Leaders to align business Strategy with Operational Execution, People, Systems and Process, therefore maximizing your return on resources.

Whether you are looking to increase net income, maximize marketplace value, grow your existing business, standardize operations across multiple locations or make your core operation more responsive and competitive in your marketplace, OPxcel has the tools and experience to get you there. OPxcel delivers real bottom line P&L improvements with a quantifiable ROI. LEARN MORE...